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1. Do you support re-aligning municipal and regional transportation plans and investments to meet the provincial government’s CleanBC target to “reduce distances travelled in light-duty vehicles by 2030 compared to 2020″?

Yes, and I believe Saanich should aim far beyond that goal. Reducing Vehicle Kilometres Travelled is not only good for the planet but also for people. Investing in active transportation, mixed-use development, and 15-minute neighbourhoods can improve Saanich residents’ lives while fighting climate change.

2. Do you support making the default speed limit 30 km/h for streets without centrelines, as Saanich has already committed to doing?

Yes, and I believe 30km/h should be the default speed for every (non-highway) street in Saanich. Slower streets are better for safety, livability, and local businesses. Saanich should redesign every street where vehicles routinely drive more than 30km/h, and I support committing the funds necessary to undertake this.

3. Do you commit to budgeting sufficient funds to accelerate the Saanich 2018 Active Transportation Plan?

Yes. I support front-loading our investment in Saanich’s 2018 Active Transportation Plan to complete the entire network in four years rather than 25. Active transportation infrastructure drives economic activity, is far less costly to maintain than car infrastructure, and will only get more expensive as construction costs escalate. As such, building a complete network in four years through green bonds is a cost-neutral investment that will dramatically improve the lives of Saanich residents.

4. Do you support using neighbourhood-wide traffic calming to create low traffic neighbourhoods with much lower traffic volume with quick build materials?

Yes, neighbourhood-wide traffic calming is an essential component of safety and livability. I support the immediate roll-out of quick-build projects to make every neighbourhood in Saanich safer.

5. How would you support making walking safer and more enjoyable in Saanich?

I would support prioritizing pedestrians over all other modes of transportation, redesigning our existing streets to improve safety and comfort, and investing in pedestrian amenities that make walking more enjoyable. Actions to realize these goals include:

  • Redesigning unfriendly streets and roads to improve the pedestrian experience, including reallocating existing road space to street furniture, sidewalks, patios, and pedestrian amenities.
  • Making intersections more pedestrian friendly by eliminating beg buttons, removing slip lanes, adopting more pedestrian-friendly intersection designs like protected intersections and all-way stops (instead of signalized intersections), and disallowing right turns on red lights.
  • Supporting neighbourhood-led Woonerfs, placemaking projects, and public art by providing grants to community organizations and hiring dedicated staff to help residents navigate municipal processes.
  • Dramatically increasing tree planting to increase our canopy coverage, aiming toward complete canopy coverage along every street within 30 years.
  • Widening popular trails to create a separation between cyclists and other trail users.
  • Increasing Saanich’s annual investment in sidewalk construction.
  • Supporting mixed-use development throughout our villages, corridors, and residential neighbourhoods.
  • Activating our streets by reducing front setbacks, disallowing front parking lots, and requiring businesses to place their primary entrance at the front of the building.

6. Do you support building a network of all ages and abilities (“AAA”) bike and roll routes throughout Saanich?

Yes. As noted above, I support completing a district-wide AAA bike and roll network within four years.

7. Do you support welcoming people who use wheelchairs and mobility scooters to use all ages and abilities (AAA) bike and roll routes?

Yes, and I support widening our bike and roll lanes to accommodate people who use larger mobility devices.

8. Do you support rapidly completing 24/7 bus lanes along McKenzie to UVic for BC Transit’s proposed RapidBus route, as well as similar measures along all proposed RapidBus routes in Saanich?

Yes, I support completing every proposed 24/7 RapidBus route in Saanich by the end of 2023.

9. With the court-imposed deadline of March 14, 2023 to keep the Island Rail Corridor intact, how would you support modern rail service for Vancouver Island?

I believe rail is key to a sustainable future, so I will advocate for the provincial investments needed to keep the Island Rail Corridor intact and rapidly outfit it with modern passenger rail service.

10. Do you support making transit fares more affordable, both by reducing the cost of passes and individual fares and free or discounted passes for youth, seniors, and people living on low incomes?

Yes, I support efforts to make transit more affordable for those for whom cost is a barrier (such as students, seniors, and people living on low incomes). I also support a significant improvement in the reliability, frequency, and scope of transit and the construction of quality bus stop shelters and amenities.

11. Do you support removing the requirements for off-street vehicle parking from new and infill developments while adding requirements for car share, EV charging, bike and other micromobility parking, as well as expanding accessible parking?

Yes. Within my first 100 days in office, I am committed to bringing forward a motion to remove off-street vehicle parking requirements and initiate a study for implementing car share, EV charging, bike and other micromobility parking, and accessible parking requirements.

12. How would you activate and bring more people into public spaces within Saanich, including sidewalks, public squares, streets and parks?

I support significant investment in public spaces, neighbourhood-led placemaking projects, and park creation. This includes redesigning project approvals processes to encourage community-driven initiatives and hiring dedicated staff to help residents navigate municipal processes. I also support updating zoning to encourage mixed-use development, creating comfortable places people want to gather.

13. Do you support adding substantively more accessible public bathrooms across Saanich?

Yes, I support a significant increase in accessible public bathrooms, and I support extending the hours of operation of existing public bathrooms. I support the construction of water fountains, accessible seating, and other public amenities to make our public spaces more welcoming and inclusive. I also believe Saanich should end the practice of “hostile architecture” and instead create comfortable amenities for everyone.


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