1. Do you support re-aligning municipal and regional transportation plans and investments to meet the provincial government’s CleanBC target to “reduce distances travelled in light-duty vehicles by 2030 compared to 2020?

Part of the problem I see is in the two examples used: the Keating Flyover and the Massey Tunnel are located away from the urban centres and act as major thoroughfares connecting municipalities to the relative, more central cores. The Keating example is an example where two major factors are central: moving traffic and safety. The Massey Tunnel will, obviously, eat away greatly at the overall budget, where one could argue might be better spent elsewhere.

2. Do you support making the default speed limit 30 km/h for streets without centrelines?

In theory, it makes some sense but there is always the enforcement issue.

3. Do you commit to budgeting sufficient funds to accelerate the active transportation plan?

I supported this in my term as Councillor. Much of our budgeting came from grants. Our constituents talk about such plans but are often unwilling to support them when budget time rolls around.

4. Do you support using neighbourhood-wide traffic calming to create low traffic neighbourhoods with much lower traffic volume with quick build materials?

We do have a few examples in North Saanich. I would support more of this, particularly related to new developments geared to young families. We have to protect those who have not yet learned well enough how to protect themselves.

5. How would you support making walking safer and more enjoyable in North Saanich?

We have many trails in the community. For one’s exercise, it is always safer to take such routes. In general, North Saanich does not have much sidewalk infrastructure. It is a way for the district to keep taxes relatively low. There are some who have called for more sidewalks on social media…and yet they also complain about their taxes. We live in places of contradiction. Nevertheless, the bike lanes do provide some refuge, though cyclists can be every bit as careless and discourteous as vehicle drivers.

6. Do you support building a network of all ages and abilities (“AAA”) bike and roll routes throughout North Saanich?

I am not sure if all of the planned bike routes are suitable for this designation. I would have to ask our Staff for an assessment of such if re-elected.

7. Do you support welcoming people who use wheelchairs and mobility scooters to use all ages and abilities (AAA) bike and roll routes?

Again, it would depend on the route and its challenges. Some of our proposed routes are far from the more populated areas of the community, and a considerable distance from the Sidney core where more housing and proximity to services is more welcoming to those with mobility challenges.

8. Do you support rapidly completing bus lanes at key locations on the Pat Bay Highway for BC Transit’s proposed RapidBus route, as well as effective transit priority measures along all of BC Transit’s proposed RapidBus routes across the CRD?

Rapidly completing anything these days with labour shortages and supply chain difficulties makes my support moot.

9. With the court-imposed deadline of March 14, 2023 to keep the Island Rail Corridor intact, how would you support modern rail service for Vancouver Island?

I don’t think that this is a viable business option. It asks a lot of money and the mode of transport is fraught with many technical difficulties.

10. Do you support making transit fares more affordable, both by reducing the cost of passes and individual fares and free or discounted passes for youth, seniors, and people living on low incomes?

There are already discounted passes for many of the groups mentioned. I am not supportive of free passes. We all have to find a way to pay some of our own way. I am a farmer who happens to also be a senior working for far below the minimum wage, even when coupled with my Councillor’s salary, so I am acutely aware of managing my finances.

11. Do you support removing the requirements for off-street vehicle parking from new and infill developments while adding requirements for car share, EV charging, bike and other micromobilty parking, as well as expanding accessible parking?

I might support some lowering of the off-street vehicle parking. Requirements for car-sharing would be too prescriptive for me. EV charging does have merit. The expansion of accessible parking in our district would most likely pertain to our limited amount of commercial parking lots. There is no expansion percentages given here. It would be nice to have a little more specifics.

12. How would you activate and bring more people into public spaces within North Saanich, including sidewalks, public squares, streets and parks?

We would first have to construct public squares and become a bit more whole of a community. Nevertheless, this is a pretty active community considering the average age. Cycling, in particular e-bikes, have made great strides in popularity. However, the main use is for recreation; most people still own and use vehicles for the majority of their daily routines.

13. Do you support adding substantively more accessible public bathrooms across North Saanich?

To start with, we do not have any public bathrooms that I can think of. We are contemplating one at our relatively new and evolving Jubilee Park. Factoring in all of what is mentioned would be a priority. Our Staff may be on that curve already.


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