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1. Do you support re-aligning municipal and regional transportation plans and investments to meet the provincial government’s CleanBC target to “reduce distances travelled in light-duty vehicles by 2030 compared to 2020?

Yes. The most basic ways to help with traffic evaporation are to narrow vehicle lanes and expand active transportation infrastructure. We must also build complete communities that encourage Active Transportation engagement and decrease vehicle dependency.

2. Do you support making the default speed limit 30 km/h for streets without centrelines, as Saanich has already committed to doing?

Yes, 30km/h is a safe speed that will decrease collisions, lessens injury, and calms noise in our neighbourhoods.

3. Do you commit to budgeting sufficient funds to accelerate the Saanich 2018 Active Transportation Plan?

I do support the Active Transportation Plan and will be happy to support adequate funding for it.

4. Do you support using neighbourhood-wide traffic calming to create low traffic neighbourhoods with much lower traffic volume with quick build materials?

Yes. for example many people cut through Myrtle to get to from Richmond to Shelbourne and vice versa, often speeding through. Some traffic calming speed bumps have helped, but closing off this cut-through would be a good experiment. There are of course many opportunities for this throughout Saanich.

5. How would you support making walking safer and more enjoyable in Saanich?

Sidewalks are always an important aspect of pedestrian safety, as are well lit and accessible crossings. With Saanich being such a large municipality, it would be ideal to prioritize areas with children heading to school for improvements.

6. Do you support building a network of all ages and abilities (“AAA”) bike and roll routes throughout Saanich?

Yes, this is something I would be happy to support further development of.

7. Do you support welcoming people who use wheelchairs and mobility scooters to use all ages and abilities (AAA) bike and roll routes?


8. Do you support rapidly completing 24/7 bus lanes along McKenzie to UVic for BC Transit’s proposed RapidBus route, as well as similar measures along all proposed RapidBus routes in Saanich?

Yes, this is an essential component of making transit more efficient and reliable in the region, which in turn encourages ridership. I would support a 24/7 bus lane along McKenzie.

9. With the court-imposed deadline of March 14, 2023 to keep the Island Rail Corridor intact, how would you support modern rail service for Vancouver Island?

We simply do not have the resources at the municipal or regional level to realize this dream of many. We need the provincial and federal government to step-up with funding to bring this project together and that is the best place the municipality can be effective is in negotiating with other levels of government.

10. Do you support making transit fares more affordable, both by reducing the cost of passes and individual fares and free or discounted passes for youth, seniors, and people living on low incomes?

Ideally transit would be free, and Victoria’s youth passes are a creative way to enhance ridership, However, the municipality cannot take the financial burden on alone. We need to work with the province and other find funding other creative solutions, maybe a new vehicle tax, to help make this a reality.

11. Do you support removing the requirements for off-street vehicle parking from new and infill developments while adding requirements for car share, EV charging, bike and other micromobilty parking, as well as expanding accessible parking?

I do support relaxing this requirement and adding requirements for micromobility accessibility in new developments.

12. How would you activate and bring more people into public spaces within Saanich, including sidewalks, public squares, streets and parks?

Our Active Transportation Network needs to connect people to their work, parks, and street-level shopping in a safe and welcoming way that decreases fear from vehicle interference. Having a fund for community events focused around promoting active transportation networking including arts, festivals, and more would be a place to start.

13. Do you support adding substantively more accessible public bathrooms across Saanich?

I believe that as we continue to expand our active transportation network that increasing the prevalence of accessible public bathrooms is a part of that infrastructure we must build with it.


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